web-design & coding
Project Details
  • Year:  2004
  • Categories:  web-design front-end structure
  • Client:  Lidskoe
Project Description

OJSC "Lidskoe Pivo" is one of the oldest breweries in Belarus which celebrated its 135th anniversary in 2011. The plant was founded in 1876 by inhabitant of Lida Nosel Pupko and in a few years it became an official beer supplier to the court of His Imperial Majesty in Saint Petersburg. The products of OJSC "Lidskoe Pivo" are recognized and loved in Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Canada. Working for one of the major and oldest breweries was an honor and a big luck for me, especially because this was my very first commercial website. After getting deep into the history of the brewery their needs, checking out websites of their competitors and I designed both structure and a visual part and also did front-end coding.

As far as I remember 1024?768 and 800?600 were the most popular desktop screen resolutions that days and 1280 pixels was a rare thing, so the website was pretty narrow from modern point of view, but it already was stretchable, not fixed width. And as all websites of that time it was optimized for IE6, made with tables, CSS-hacks and all other nasty things of the era we now consider awful.

However, the website existed since 2004 till 2006, when it was replaced together with all other brand identity because of a total rebrending of the brewery. Since 2008 the brewery belongs to Finnish Olvi PLC. They are still making beer and every time I taste it it reminds me the very beginning of my career. A very pleasant beginning I must say :)